Fat Transfer (Butt Lift)


What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
A brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that can treat a flat or sagging backside with minimal downtime. The end results give an overall uplifted look to the entire backside that looks attractive and natural compared with gluteal, aka buttock implants.

What should I expect after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?
After you have undergone your butt lift surgery, you will recover under the care of the surgical staff at an accredited outpatient surgery center. Brazilian butt lift patients may be able to return to full activity levels within three to four weeks.

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?
The brazilian butt lift is a great choice for anyone looking to lift or enhance the contours of their backside. Those who are looking to boost their self-confidence and feel proud in (and out of) their clothes can benefit from a brazilian butt lift, which can improve balance proportions in any body type.

Why should I choose Shimmer Medspa for my Brazilian Butt Lift?
Our core philosophy at Shimmer Medspa is rooted in the belief that we are here to help people reach and achieve their personal goals. From achieving perfect breasts through breast augmentation to a Brazilian butt lift, Shimmer Medspa can help people look the way they want to. We consider ourselves that last and final step towards achieving your perfect body.

How to Finance Your Brazilian Butt Lift
Many patients finance their Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. A Brazilian Butt Lift can be very expensive, and their are multiple financing options available to patients. If you are interested in financing your Brazilian Butt lift in New York City, there are many options to consider. In most cases, to finance your butt lift procedure it will require that you fill out applications. At Shimmer Medspa, however, we take the leg work out of financing your Brazilian butt lift procedure.