How Does Sculpsure Work?





SculpSure is the first FDA approved Laser penetrates beneath the dermis. With Sculpsure, the initial stage is spent warming the treatment area. The Sculpsure laser, in turn, is heating up the fat cells. The second stage of Sculpsure involves the laser cycling through 25 second warming phases and ten second cooling phases. This stage lasts approximately 21 minutes. The target temperatures with the Sculpsure system for the skin are 42 to 47 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Sculpsure is a temperature controlled fat melting system. The heat shocks the fat cells. And they die over the cours of the next few weeks or months. At the same time the skin is being heated by Sculpsure, the skin is being cooled. The cooling phases of Sculpsure keep the laser from over-heating the skin, but ensures the fat cells stay heated to the optimal temperature during the treatment. The fat cells that are damaged during the Sculpsure treatment are cleared away by your lymphatic system, the same way your body heals itself from a cut or bruise, and are eliminated as waste over time. Typically, patients achieve optimal results after 12 weeks of Sculpsure, but immediate results are perceptible. Sculpsure heats the fats cells with precision, without damaging other tissues or the skin.

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