How Long Should I Wait After A Chemical Peel to Do Microneedling.

How long should I wait after a chemical peel to do micro needling?


Depends on the peel.


Quick answer: 2 weeks


Understanding micro needling is one of the most important thing to consider first before you go through this treatment. But for those who want a chemical peel also, it is best to ask the doctor first if micro needling just after a chemical peel is just right for you or when is the perfect time to go through it. Micro needling is actually safe for any skin type. It can help in boosting the renewal of the skin helping it to become firmer, youthful and fresher at the same time. it is one of the skin rejuvenating treatments that will normally make the skin boost collagen production and helping it more elastic too. The little channels that were made in the skin will keep the epidermis intact. It can control the wounding method that aids in the growth factors to help the body when it comes to rebuilding the density of the skin along with its integrity.


Close to the way the gardeners normally aerate the lawn to introduce nourishment, micro needling can help in enhancing the penetration of the serums to make the skin smoother in texture and to help make the pigmentation spots faded. The skin will become healthy and glowing at the same time. visible results may be seen after sometime and the outcome will be close to what laser resurfacing can bring without too much cost and without the pain and prolong recovery time.  But, those who went through chemical peel should wait for at least 2 weeks after the chemical peel to go through micro needling. But, this time frame may vary depending on the strength of chemical peel you went through. It will be possible to have the micro needling before 2 weeks if the chemical peel is not that strong.


It will be best to ask your doctor about it and better yet understand chemical peel, how you will go through the process. It is best to do the same for micro needling, that way you will understand best what will happen to your skin and what to expect too after the processes. A chemical peel on the other hand is a kind of treatment wherein the use of an acid solution will be imposed to get rid of the damaged part of the skin. In doing the chemical peels, the doctor will apply the AHA or phenol onto the skin. that will be administered as a facial peel and it will boost the smoothness of the skin texture.


It is one of the effective method to treat blemishes, skin pigmentation and even blemishes.  The chemical peel aims to exfoliate the outer part of the skin, getting rid of the dead skins. That way, new and fresh skin layer will be revealed and an improved tone and color will be revealed. Chemical peel is an old way to get rid of the dead part of the skin, but it is still being used to this day. At the end of the day, your doctor will still be the one to decide if both treatment are best for you at the same time.



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