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Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Sculpsure?


The Ideal Candiate for Sculpsure SculpSure are those who live a healthy lifestyle, but are struggling with localized problem areas, despite their diet and exercise efforts. Ideal candidates for Sculpsure have described that they’ve hit a plateau in the results they’re seeing with diet and exercise, and they feel frustrated. For these Sculpsure patients, who live a healthy, active lifestyle, SculpSure in New York is a wonderful solution, because we know once we eliminate these fat cells, they’re going to experience a permanent result. Once fat cells are destroyed by Sculpsure NYC, they are destroyed for good. That’s it, they are not coming back. They may find other areas to deposit themselves in, but as per the Sculpsure treatment area, if you maintain your weight, that’s it, that area is done.
SculpSure New York is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for completely non-invasive fat reduction. Ideal candidates for Sculpsure should be within 10-20 pounds of their ideal weight and want to target fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Sculpsure best patients are those who live an active, healthy life style and either need help with reducing fat in problem areas or who need help to jump-start their fat loss goals. During consultations with Sculpsure patients, we discuss short term and long term goals and overall health and fitness routines.
Some Ideal Sculpsure Patients  have good skin quality. If you have tight, thick, youthful skin, it is likely your skin will contract nicely in conjunction with the fat loss provided by SculpSure. What if you don’t have good skin quality, though? What if child birth, weight loss, or aging has caused some skin laxity? SculpSure would actually be your best choice for non-invasive fat loss in this case. Other non-invasive options, like Zerona, LipoSonix, and CoolSculpt are not good choices for those with loose skin. However, SculpSure is a laser, and we know with warming lasers, there will be some contraction and tightening of the skin.

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