Is Laser Genesis Good for Stretch Marks?

 Is Laser Genesis Good for Stretch Marks?


Yes, its awesome.

Are stretch marks bothering you? Stretch marks may be varied in appearance, they may be in white, reddish or silvery in color. They may be wide or thin and scattered in various parts of the body. It is just unclear why some are prone to stretch marks development than the others, but it is normally linked with weight gain or hormonal imbalances. Stretch marks normally happen when the outermost part of the skin layer tears due to stretching fast. Some are not bothered by the stretchmarks especially those who gave birth. They feel that this marks their motherhood, but some wish to get their old skin back, which is now possible with laser genesis.

It is a result of fast expansion under the layers of the skin regardless if it is from weight gain or from pregnancy.  There was a study in 2007 that was found that regarding the predisposes women to stretch marks while they are pregnant is due to family background. There was no relation with the type of the skin and others.  Unluckily, the creams that are being used by those with stretch marks might not be enough to prevent it from happening. Good thing there is a treatment available now that will improve the skin with stretch marks.

Laser genesis is a good type of treatment that will target scars that includes the stretch marks. It will work by boosting the collagen production in the lower parts of the skin.  The collagen is the culprit for the scars in the first place, but the thick collagen is just arranged poorly thus it makes the skin injured and discolored too as it heals. By boosting new and healthy collagen thrive, the laser will boost the scar to lighten up by changing the unhealthy collagen.

It will take around 4-5 treatments to achieve the results you have been dreaming of.  It will work by using short pulses of micro fine lights through laser to be able to reach the deepest part of the sub layers of the skin and treats the aging structure. The body’s normal healing process will get rid of the old and damaged tissues thus rebuilding will take place.  The new collagen that was formed will make the stretch marks smoother and lessen their appearance by improving the color of the skin.

The procedure may be done in as short as 30 minutes, but that depends on the size of the area that will be treated. Don’t worry because it will not hurt, though some says that they feel uneasy during the process. You may be needing 4-5 sessions for this to be able to visibly see the results. You can go back to your regular activities after the session.  There are no side effects, but some says that they can feel itching and swelling on the area treated which lasts for days. Some says that they have experienced redness around the area, but these are just rare, so there is nothing to worry about.


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