Is Sculpsure Really Safe?

Is sculpsure really safe?

Summary: Sculpsure fat new york is a wonderful laser treatment that can remove those stubborn fats from the different parts of the body.


There are many people who are said to suffer from stubborn fat pockets present in their body. Trying to eliminate them may not have provided them with success. But now, it is possible to do away this fat and get thin by availing sculpsure method. This procedure is regarded to be the next generation body contouring technological process not requiring any incision or anesthesia. The entire process takes lesser than thirty minutes for contouring the body and to tighten the skin. As it is a new technology, there are people who wonder if it is safe for them or not!

About sculpsure fat ny

It is actually a non-invasive procedure which has been approved by the FDA and can reduce fat effectively. Laser treatment is provided which works by using a laser of 1064nm for targeting those subcutaneous fat present below the surface of the skin. This procedure is indicated to treat the flanks and the abdomen.

It is rather an outpatient treatment just consuming about 25 minutes and eliminates treated fat by about 24%. It is also an idea way for getting that desired well-defined midsection.

Besides sculpting the body, sculpsure fat ny heating effect is said to have shown promote collage. Hence, some skin tightening can be experienced after treatment.

How it functions?

There are present four rectangular applicators where the laser gets fitted to deliver laser energy right into fat cells. A controlled temperature of about 42-47 degrees Celsius is established. It disrupts as well as destroys eventually the fat cells that are eliminated gradually by the body during the following weeks. It is on different locations that the applicators could be kept for treating the different regions surrounding the flanks and the abdomen simultaneously. Contact cooling system exists in the laser besides adjustable power options. Such features do assist to ensure minimum discomfort.

Number of treatments required

Optimal results have been achieved by many patients just after a single treatment through sculpsure fat nyc. But the treatment numbers required does vary, depending upon the unique aesthetic goal and objective of each and every patient. There is a need to discuss with the physician to have the plan customized.

What is to be expected after the treatment?

Some swelling might take place along with tenderness and bruising after the treatment. It may take some days to resolve. But majority of the patients will be able to get back to their normal activities once treatment completes. The results from sculpsure fat new york could be noticed within a period of six weeks, with the final results appearing not before twelve weeks.

Is the procedure safe?

According to physicians practicing sculpsure treatment, this procedure is complete safe for every person to remove fat and no real risks are involved. However, it is necessary for the patient to know the safety aspects which is linked directly with the expertise and skill of the physician performing the treatment. No side effects have been noticed after the procedure especially the long-term ones. Most of the patients were seen to be satisfied with the derived results.

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