Laser Genesis

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Price: $199/session…. $850/ 5

What is Laser Genesis?

You seriously don’t know? Ok, Laser Genesis is a warm thermal treatment that uses infrared for reversing the signs of aging and skin damage.*

photofacial before and after sun damage

* Individual Results Vary

When should I get a Laser Genesis Treatment?

How old are you? Doesn’t matter. Imagine if you went through life not brushing your teeth. Essentially, that is what we have been taught to do with our skin. Pollution, the sun, smoking, drinking, spicy food, its all causing raucous damage to our skin in the same manner that wine and coffee stain our teeth. A Laser Genesis treatment is designed to reverse all that. Broken capillaries and brown spots are targeted and removed. Here is a good way to think about youth and the aging process: when we are young, we are radiant and smooth and our faces reflect light as it bounces off our skin. As we age, the light is trapped in the nooks and crannies of age and discoloration. We are thus no longer radiant. The laser genesis process is designed to even out skin tone and texture so that we are radiant again.*

photofacial brown spots before and after

* Individual Results Vary

How does this work?

The science behind this hard to explain, but here goes: the infrared light targets your pigmented clusters and causes cellular immolation. In English, please? Here is an easier way to understand this. Ever wear a black shirt on a hot day? What happens? You are hotter, right. This is because dark colors absorb light at a greater frequency (Tell me you already know this). Same thing happens with laser genesis. Those dark pigmented clusters within your dermis are absorbing light at a greater frequency then your surrounding skin until they essentially explode.*

photofacial diagram skin

Is this safe?

Ok, so maybe using the word “explode” is a little off putting. Yes, its very safe. Laser Genesis has been used in skin therapy for years, and we are highly trained. In fact, its comfortable.*

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* Individual results vary. Best results promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome.