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How to melt belly fat with the latest technology?

Melting fat has just become easier with the numerous technologies that companies have developed to help people combat their stubborn fatty cells. A lot of people have become confused with their numbers that they don’t know which is most suitable for them. A consultation with your preferred specialist should take care of that because he or she has to consider some factors such as the degree of fat deposit, the location of the fat, your health history among others. But, you don’t need to entertain fears because majority of these latest technologies have been used by patients who have also given one or two reviews about them. This article will examine some of these latest technologies and how they are used to melt belly fat.


This is a non invasive fat melting technology that functions through sound effects. The device is an ultrasound machine that is of high intensity, and you can be sure of erasing or melting off some belly fats with just a session of 60 minutes. The procedure makes use of vibrations (molecular) to heat up underlying cells/tissues. While the main function/target is the killing of adipose cells, the process also helps to make the skin or treated area firm and taut. Dead cells are later processed naturally by the body in the next few months. Unlike some methods that take much time for treatment, liposonix is fast though it has the downtime of being painful.


This technology has been approved by FDA for melting body fats especially the belly ones. One of the first specialists that tested and worked with the machine said it is less painful compared to liposonix and similar ones. This is because of its pulsed energy. As another device that operates like ultrasound, it uses mechanical manipulations instead of thermal heat. Fatty cells are eradicated through ultrasounds delivered to various tissues. Stubborn patches can be reduced by 30% after 3 sessions spread across 6 weeks. For those embarking on this treatment, you can begin to notice changes within 2 weeks. This seems to be faster than others.


This is a special injection which targets the abdomen containing Xinafoate salmeterol commonly found in the medication for asthma. It works to whittle fatty cells by fighting to reduce stored triglycerides. The treatment covers 8 weeks of some shots consisting about 20 are evenly dispersed on the stomach. This is repeated every week till the 8th one. The trial version was administered on the belly but there is the possibility of its potency on other areas like the back, chins and arms. There is still an ongoing research to test its effectiveness over a long term.


This is a special non invasive device used in the removal of fat deposits. Unlike those using cooling methods, it uses a laser device to heat up fatty and flabby cells. This laser technology is directed into those cells with the purpose of melting and emulsifying them. These cells leave the body naturally when they have been heated up while there are several additional results that accompany just a single treatment. In the midst of several options for fat removal, there are different durations for each to take effect and for the result to become visible.





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