Is Sculpsure More Effective Than Coolsculpt?



Is Sculpsure better than Coolsculpt? This is a question anyone looking for safe effective noninvasive lipolysis should be asking. Certainly there are many more providers for CoolSculpt than there are Sculsure Providers in New York City and beyond. And certainly CoolSculpt has is more popular given the amount of advertising being spent to attract consumers. But is popular always better?

Sculpsure represents the newest advance in laser lipolysis, noninvasive fat melting. It is the only FDA approved laser in the United States for the melting of fat. CoolSculpt is not a laser.

Sculpsure typically only requires one treatement whereas CoolSculpt requirs several to the same treatment area. In addition, many have reported that Sculpsure is more comfortable than CoolSculpt.

Here is a good way to think about the contest between Sculpsure and Coolsculpt: Coolsculpt, while being safe, comfortable, effective and innovative, is first generation technology; whereas Sculpsure is next generation technology. Try this analogy: Coolsculpt is tape-cassette, whereas Sculpsure is like an MP3. Which would you rather listen to?

In order to make intelligent decisions about which technology to use, read reviews. At Shimmer Medspa in New York we treat many individuals who have had a series of CoolSculpting treatments, and while they were satisfied with their results, they just werent thrilled. However, we find that 25% fat reduction in the treatment area after just one treatment with Sculpsure, really gets patients excited.



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