What Is Skin Tightening?

As we age, lose weight, or post pregnancy, we experience loose lax hanging skin in the face and body area. New advances in laser aesthetics can reverse laxity, creating taut skin, that has natural aplomb!

How Does Skin Tightening Work?

We Recommend A Protocol of 4 to 8 Treatments, Spaced A Few Weeks Apart For Optimal Results. During Treatment The Eshtetician Glides a Laser Hand Piece Over The Treatment Areas For Approximately 30 Minutes. The Treatments Are Painless, Although You Will Experience A Warming Sensation.

What Do Results Look Like?

Well here, have a look:

With Viora we are able to provide advanced Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. Of all our treatment course available at Shimmer Medspa, patients report that Skin Tightening provides the highest level of satisfaction.