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What is laser lipolysis?


This is often shortened to laser lipo, which is a liposcupture process that is non invasive in nature, but very effective for removing those seemingly stubborn collection of fats like love handles, double chins and saddlebags. There are some fat deposits that respond to supplements, diets and even exercises while others are somewhat recalcitrant. For the latter category, laser lipolysis has been known to work effectively in eliminating them. As common to all fat removing procedures, this method also has its side effects, but fewer than the most popular age long and traditional procedure; liposuction.

This procedure employs the use of laser in melting off unwanted fatty deposits on either the face or any other part of the body.  After a laser has been applied, the body works to further metabolize the fat (melted ones). Another follow up action is the use of aspiration, which is a kind of suction allowing the removal of greater number of fats. While many have nicknamed it a treatment meant for lunchtime, it is generally regarded as a surgical process that is minor. This is because the surgeon often makes a little incision around the area while local anesthetics will be used to make the area numb.

Are you wondering why local anesthetics is used here? Laser lipolysis is a procedure that requires you to be awake throughout. How many people can go through such without any medical aid? Compared to the general risks associated with liposuction, this procedure is quite minimal. This method is best suited for those having some stubbornly localized fat around their body, and not a treatment for weight loss. Unlike other procedures that leads to excessive swelling and bruising, this give a complete good body shape within a short time. If it is less painful and less complicated as other similar methods, why wouldn’t people opt for it? But, you must know if it is suitable for you or not.

Who are those that should consider laser lipolysis as their best option?  It is generally known that exercise and diet are great tools for controlling and reducing fats in the body, but some are more difficult to control using this natural method than others. So, if your fat deposits belong to this category, you are good to go with this fat removing method.  Also, if you need to tighten your skin, you may consider this option. It is neither an end to obesity nor can it be used as the treatment of weight loss, but meant for those with normal body weight.

There is a limit to the number of fats (about 500mls) laser lipolysis can remove from the body. This is why you should discuss with your doctor the situation of your body fat before embarking on it as a more sophisticated one like liposuction might just be what you need. The entire procedure lasts maximum of 2 hours, but you must avoid strenuous activities for about 2 weeks though normal activities can be continued the next day. Results become visible in weeks when the body is healed.

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