freezing fat vs melting fat

What is the difference between melting fat and freezing fat?


Thanks to technological developments and continuous research! Patients can now think of either melting or freezing off their stubborn fat. Do you understand why the word “stubborn” is used? A lot of people have tried various means to ensure their belly and other fat prone parts of their body remains flat to no success. Some of these adopted means include exercise, proper diet and the use of supplements. This is why some decide on more practical steps to get rid of these accumulating fats.

Thanks to technology invention that has made various procedures available. It may interest you that most of these new methods have been tested and FDA approved. You may also wonder about the best to opt for considering their number. Your doctor will help you more during consultation because your level of fat deposit will determine the procedure to go for. The only challenge is the fact that majority of them are new, and their long term feedback is not readily available for your consumption.  In all, they have been tested on people that require their application and they have been effective.  So, which should you go for between melting and freezing devices?

Coolsculpting technology manipulates its temperature to high freezing level to destroy fatty cells, which are attacked through the process of cryolipolysis. This method is best for patients having a little degree of fatty areas in their body; love handles and waist regions. It treats only a small portion of the tissue. In all, this procedure is recommended for those with fairly manageable shapes having just some stubborn fat deposits that refuse to cooperate with walk outs and diets. Doctors have attested that it works, but not for all because a study carried out showed that there was no difference between the patients after receiving the treatment. So, if it works for you, fine.

One melting method is Trusculpt. It is a fat reduction technology that uses heat unlike those using cold. Electricity is used to target fatty cells at certain wavelength. Patients that have used this procedure have attested to its effectiveness. It is also less painful, as only what is felt is a warm feeling. To treat an area, you will spend between 30 and 60 minutes while the result becomes visible between 30 and 60 days.

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